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The propietary ingredients utilized in PCA materials help seal closures securely; we got it covered.


Our technology gives coating products extraordinary properties that may help lower raw material costs.

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PCA develops products to help protect, secure and improve the materials in this ever advancing industry.


Our broad product portfolio provides more comfort, cost efficient and sustainability to the footwear industry.

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PCA has developed innovative solutions for the sustainable use of home and hygiene applications. In addition, Dow has developed antimicrobials and additives for cleaning products.


Our technologies are central to developing medical products that will provide life-saving and life-enhancing treatments of the future.


We have created a wide range of innovative speciality compounds and concentrates that sets our customers' plastic products apart.

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Whether it's an antimicrobial that lasts through many washes or end products that needs more volume without adding weight; PCA technology delivers.











With close to three decades of experience, PolyChem Alloy has developed a broad brand portfolio, along with extensive compounding expertise.

Products that serve a wide range of markets in applications like computers and electronics, sports and recreation, telecommunications, transport, office furniture, appliances, and medical devices.

Clocell® - Thermoexpandable microspheres that enhances the performance of plastic parts in end use applications.
Clocell® is a thermoexpandable microcapsule of liquid hydrocarbon surrounded by a thick thermoplastic resin shell. The thick shell of Clocell gives it pressure resistibility of up to 300 kg/cm², which makes it resistant to the destructive power of high-speed rotating blades. The thick shell and globular shape also give Clocell its unique heat and solvent resistant capabilities. Heating Clocell microcapsules causes the shell material to soften, which increases the internal pressure and allows the blowing agent to expand. The tensile strength of the shell material balances with the internal pressure from the vaporized hydrocarbon gas. Further heating allows the gas to pass through the thinned shell material, which increases the tensile strength of the shell. The resulting product is a low-density foamed layer with almost no possibility of bursting or punctures. Clocell products have excellent heat and solvent resistance, and prohibit yellowing or breakdown caused by prolonged exposure to heat, ultraviolet radiation, or high pH atmospheres.
Clocell® Particle Size, µm Tstart, °C Tmax, °C
120DU15 10-20 85-95 115-130
120DU25 20-30 85-95 115-130
130DU25 20-30 88-98 125-135
160DU25 20-30 105-115 155-160
160DU25T 20-30 110-120 155-165
160DU60 50-70 105-115 155-160
165DU25 20-30 110-120 155-165
180DU25 20-30 120-129 175-185
180DU30 20-30 115-130 176-186
185DU25 25-35 140-150 178-187
186DU20 25-35 140-150 178-187
190DU20 15-30 140-150 180-195
190DU30 15-30 166-172 190-196
195DU25 25-35 155-165 190-198
220DU30 28-40 165-175 215-225
Flexplast® TPE - Soft, flexible and highly elastic material that can be custom formulated for a myriad of end use applications.
FlexPlast® Thermoplastic Elastomer is a plastic material that combines the processing advantages of a thermoplastic with the properties and performance of a rubber-like material. The product is a soft, flexible, highly elastic material that can be custom formulated to perform in a variety of processes, including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and thermoforming. These lower modulus, flexible materials can typically be stretched repeatedly, only to return to their original shape when relaxed. When heated, FlexPlast® will soften until it flows, making it suitable for formation into complex shapes using standard thermoplastic processing equipment.
FlexPlast® Bulk Density Moisture(%) MFR Specific Gravity Shore Hardness
3804E 0.42-0.64 <0.05 0.2-2.5 0.800-0.910 46.0-54.0
3874K 0.42-0.54 <0.05 1.5-7.5 0.855-0.910 53.5-59.5
3905E 0.42-0.54 <0.05 0.2-2.5 0.800-0.910 46.0-54.0
4005D 0.36-.62 <0.05 1.0-5.5 0.855-0.910 56.0-68.0
4092D 0.42-0.54 <0.05 7.8-10.5 0.855-0.910 48.5-56.0
5004K 0.44-0.64 <0.05 0.2-2.5 0.855-0.910 56.0-64.0
GMS - Additive masterbatch concentrates for foam pipe insulation. The customized masterbatch provides protection against cell collapse and improves cell stablizations.
GMS products are additive masterbatch concentrates, available in a uniform pelletized shape, that offer prevention against cell collapse and cell stabilization in PE and LDPE microcellular foam. A major additional feature is protection against static build-up on foam parts during and post extrusion, and especially during the take-off of foamed sheet. GMS is typically offered as GMS-2004, a 20% concentrate of the GMS additive in a LDPE carrier. Other GMS additive levels, such as 10% to 40%, are available upon special request. The usage level of GMS-2004 typically falls within the range of 2 to 10%, depending upon the application.
GMS Bulk Density Moisture(%) MFR
2004 0.46-0.66 <1.0 7.5-13.5
2004E 0.44-0.56 <1.0 16.5-20.5
2004H 0.44-0.56 <1.0 16.5-20.5
2005 0.44-0.56 <1.0 27.5-33.5
PolyBlend - Thermoplastic adhesive for wire insulation.
PolyBlend series of adhesives are relatively non-polar thermoplastic compounds with the surface energies below 28 dynes. The PolyBlend 918 has the lowest of dissipation factor at 18 GHz or higher. This makes the adhesive ideal for CATV and RF cable applications. PolyBlend 918 thermoplastic adhesive is electrically clean and stable at elevated temperatures in excess of 600 degree Fahrenheit. PolyBlend 918 is applied on the clean drawn copper and/or aluminum wire via a pre-coat crosshead extruder. The conductor passes through the crosshead tip and a thin layer of molten PolyBlend 918 is applied onto the wire. The adhesive is cooled by air and thereafter allowed to pass through a single or a twin screw extruder’s tip where the dielectric PE foam is applied onto the wire. The PolyBlend 918 bonds to the conductor as well as to the PE foam. This allows PE foam dielectric free of moisture ingress into the cable dielectric.
PolyBlend Bulk Density Moisture(%) MFR
854 0.50-0.60 <0.500 10.50-15.50
918 0.48-0.64 <0.500 10.50-15.50
918-7 0.50-0.62 <0.100 10.50-16.50
PolyFoam® - Chemical blowing agent concentrates, specifically created for the production of microcellular foam structures in a variety of thermoplastic materials.
PolyFoam products are additive masterbatch concentrates containing highly specialized chemical blowing agents. This product was specifically created for the production of microcellular foam structures in a variety of thermoplastic materials. PolyFoam products are available containing endothermic blowing agents, exothermic blowing agents, and as a combination of both.
PolyFoam® Bulk Density
503K 0.47-0.62
504CFW 0.42-0.54
1003K 0.47-0.62
1004CF 0.50-0.66
2004CF 0.45-0.70
2004CFP 0.56-0.68
4004CF 0.50-0.70
4004K 0.50-0.70
DCE5A 0.50-0.60
PolySept® - Antimicrobial additive that provides continuous antimicrobial product protection.
PolySept® antimicrobial is created to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection. In order to provide a wide range of antimicrobial solutions, PolyChem Alloy®, Inc. (PCA) has established a portfolio of antimicrobial masterbatches and additives to suit a vast array of application needs. Trade named PolySept®, the made-to-order masterbatches typically contain 10% - 50% of an antimicrobial agent formulated into a plastic resin such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PBT, and PC.
PolySept® EPA # Applications
Z100 - Effective against fungus, mold, biofilms
AGW-AK - Effective against bacteria
PolySept® Bulk Density Moisture(%)
1003Z 0.46-0.66 <0.05
2003ZV-HF 0.48-0.62 <1.00
2005.2 AGW-AK 0.50-0.66 <1.00
Talc Nucleator - Additive masterbatch concentrates designed for the nucleation of both commodity and engineering thermoplastic resins.
Talc nucleator products are additive masterbatch concentrates designed for the nucleation of both commodity and engineering thermoplastic resins. Talc Nucleators typically contain 40 to 60 % by weight of talc in a PE, PP, or PS carrier. Other carriers, and other talc levels, such as 25%, are available upon request. About 80% of the talc particle size used in these products is less than 1 micron, with the remaining particle sizes ranging from 1 to 5 microns. Talc Nucleators are typically used as physical nucleating agents for extruded foam, and are generally used at a 0.4 to 2.0% let-down level, depending upon the application. These products are available in a uniform pellet shape, eliminating the processing concerns associated with dusts or powders.
Talc Ash Bulk Density MFR Moisture(%)
3504M 26.0-36.0 0.58-0.74 30.0-40.0 <0.500
4005 56.0-60.0 0.90-0.99 2.0-6.0 <0.500
5004 45-50 0.78-0.88 1.5-5.5 <0.500
5006 39.5-49.5 0.68-0.88 4.50-12.5 <1.000
5007PU 45.0-50.0 0.58-0.74 28.0-38.0 <0.500
6004 56.0-60.0 0.90-0.99 2.0-6.0 <0.500
6005 56.0-60.0 0.90-0.99 2.0-6.0 <0.500

More than just a developer of specialty polymers, we have the technical know-how to find solutions to your particular problems.

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PolyChem Alloy was established in 1989 as the vision of Dr. Chakra Gupta, a PhD polymer chemist and former research associate at Brown University. The company started out as a sales office in Hickory, NC with the initial vision to service the wire and cable as well as the packaging industries by utilizing new technologies to develop customized products.


In 1994, the company built a manufacturing facility that produced custom compounds and additive masterbatches. Then, in 2000, after several years of successful business development and growth, the company again expanded into new product and administrative facilities in Lenoir, NC.


Our vision is to become a globally recognized leader in developing and manufacturing specialty compounds and concentrates for the plastics industry. We believe that our focus on innovation and technology, our dedication to quantifiable quality assurance, and our uncompromising commitment to our customers, our employees, and our environment, will fuel our success.

Join us in building better and smarter plastics.

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